The BSU would like to thank those who came out to our “Invisible Children” Event this past Tuesday and supported the cause. At the end of the meeting, a conversation arose of whether it would be even possible for such a guerrilla movement be allowed to exist as long as the LRA has existed in Africa if such a faction existed in Europe.

For those not familiar with the conflict, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) was a spiritual movement founded by Joseph Kony in northern Uganda in creating a theocracy in this African nation. What the organization has turned to in order to achieve their goal is terrorism of the worst kind, kidnapping children and forcing them to become their soldiers. It is not only my dismay to know such things happen in the world but that this movement has campaigned for two decades now with an entire generation of children fearing abduction.

Is this question valid then? Would one see such apathy had this story not been from an isolated section of a dark continent?