There were some interesting comments made at our first BSU meeting on the questions posed during our Social Barometer exercise. For those who did not get to have your say, those who did not attend and those who want to maintain a level of anonymity while answering, here they are:

1. It is possible to get A’s and have an active social life.
2. Everyone should practice abstinence instead of having to worry about STIs and pregnancy.
3. Gay marriage should be legal.
4. I do not see the difference between African-Americans and Africans…we are all black.
5. It is possible for a guy to be in a romantic relationship and also be best friends with another girl/guy.
6. The actions of Henry Louis Gates Jr. were completely justified.
7. The purpose of primarily black organizations, such as black student unions is only to talk about racism in its various forms.
8. There is a need for Black History Month.
9. There is no reason for affirmative action.
10. There should be a white student union.
11. I think the Wire accurately depicts life in Baltimore.
12. Natural hair looks unprofessional.

Also, I hope everybody comes to Crabs and Quesadillas, September 7, 5-7 pm at the AMR I BBQ Pit.