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How does this work?

A male contestant and a female contestant pick among three male and female contenders randomly chosen from the applicant pools. The contenders will be asked random precomposed questions and questions from the audience. The contestants then choose their dates after the questions and the resulting two couples will go on a free double date to a nice restaurant with provided limo transportation.


‘Democrats have black vote, but will it be big enough?’

Are you registered to vote?

Midterm elections occur November 2 across the country. Now is the time to register or ask for absentee ballots if you won’t able to vote at home..

Events Committee Meeting: 8pm, McCoy MPR (Mondays)
Community Relations Meeting: 8pm,
CC Charles St. Lounge (Tuesdays, biweekly)
Perspectives Committee Meeting: 9pm, CC Charles St. Lounge (Tuesdays, biweekly)
Publicity Committee Meeting: 7pm, MSE, M Level (Wednesdays)
Black History Month(BHM) Committee Meeting: 9:30pm, MSE M Level (Wednesdays)

Thanks for those who came out to last night’s meeting, where the general body elected Malcolm Douglas as the Freshman Representative for the class of 2014. To those interested, many of the committee chairs (seniors especially) are looking for general body members interested in their positions that will help them as their understudy and take their place after graduation.

Nominations are still being taken to fill the last open Executive Board position, Freshman representative. If you want to nominate yourself or someone else, send an email to the BSU account at Elections will occur in the next couple of weeks.

Anyone interested in writing for Perspectives can email me, Michael, at or attend our weekly meetings Tuesdays at 9:00 in Charles Commons. The topic of our first issue of the year will be “PWIs vs. HBCUs: The Future of Education in Black America.”

On September 7, Identity hosted a discussion on cyber-racism. The woman who led the discussion, Dr. Jessie Daniels, is a scholar who has already authored two books with interests on the use of media to promote racism.

She also regularly contributes for a blog:

She also has her own personal website:

Despite an apology from President Obama and an offer of a new job within the Department of Agriculture, Cheryl Sherrod has yet to indicate whether she will take it.For those who did not hear the full extent of her comments at a NAACP fundraiser, here is a video. She begins telling the anecdote that got her in some trouble last week at 17:00.

Here is another article about the quickness with which the media, in the case and in others, will often misportray events.

Do you think that that Sherrod should take the job and if you have followed the controversy, what do you think of the coverage it has gotten?

Earlier this evening, the highly anticipated health care bill passed through the House of Representatives. Here is a short summary of the bill:
How do you feel about this bill in terms of health care and have you been satisfied with how the debate on this legislation has been facilitated?

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